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Mobile Home & Traditional Housing Application 

Fast Online Application (see bottom section of this page).  Please be advised, that to meet approval, applicant must have income, provide a down payment and return all calls and/or e-mails and show up for all appointments.  Rescheduling is permitted.  Otherwise application will be declined.

Areas We Serve:  We serve all areas.

Our Promise: We can get you into a home provided you meet some of the necessary requirements.

Application Fee:  No Application fee.  The majority of applicants are approved within 24 hours. 

Important Note:  If this application does not submit, you will need to try using another i-browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.  Also, when you click the SEND MESSAGE button, the application should submit.  However, if you forgot to fill out any answers, it will place a RED box around the field.  You will need to insert an answer as it may be a required field.  You should get a confirmation message after you submit this online application, that it was submitted successfully.  If you cannot get the application form to submit, then request that we e-mail you a paper application.  You should hear back from us within the next business day.  If you submit during the weekend, we may contact you the following business day.

Purchase and Rental Programs: Mobile Homes: We normally provide you title up front (unless certain conditions apply).  Once home is paid off, we shall remove the lien on title by issuing a Lien Release.  Our normal monthly payment on a mobile home is around $350.  Down payments range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on age, location, condition and size of the home.  Residential Housing typically requires a higher payment amount.  The term is normally 7-10 years (in some cases, it may be longer) at 0% Interest.  This term costs much less than most banks who sell 30 year term loans. Our housing program can save you tens of thousands of dollars.  Real Estate Homes: Rent-to-Own (and other types of rental/financing arrangements) can vary depending on a variety of factors (including but not limited to): financing, size, age, condition, location.  The Rent-to-Own Arrangement with Regular Residential Real Estate may vary and is typically longer and more expensive than modular housing.  You are welcome to finance / rent-to-own / rent / rent option until you own the home (unless other conditions warrant otherwise).

Down Payment & Housing Costs:  (Quick Reference)   

There is no fee to submit an application.

Down Payment is required to secure a home.  (Down payments typically range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on a variety of factors - age, size, condition and location - with the average down payment being $2,500).  There is a Down Payment Installment Program for individuals who do not have the entire down payment saved.  We cannot and will not purchase a home without an Applicant providing some sort of down payment or without enrolling in the Down Payment Savings Program.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY DEPOSITS OR DOWN PAYMENTS MADE.   Our investors DO NOT WORK FOR FREE AND CANNOT PROVIDE A HOUSE FOR FREE.  Some organizations are quick to say not to do business with investors or companies that don't offer refunds, but yet these hypocrites don't work for free either, nor do they understand the tremendous risks to housing investors take when buying a home for tenant or borrower.  Our investors do not want to purchase a home and then get stuck a vacant, non-income producing property simply because the applicant needs a refund to pay your bills.  This would cause serious problems for our investors way beyond working for free.  If you don't back out of the transaction, then you have nothing to lose. Many people save up the down payment and if they don't have all the money currently on hand.  Many prospective borrowers and tenants contact charities and churches to get assistance. There are many organizations that help with down payment assistance (Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Churches, NECAC, etc...).


Important Note:  If seeking regular real estate and your credit status is bad or you have little or no credit....then you will need to seek help with improving your credit or even establishing your credit or BOTH.  Finding a Purchase or Rental with bad credit or no credit is nearly impossible.  Mobile Homes are easier to get approved for, however park approval could still be an issue.  Ask us for advice on improving your credit if needed.  


Pet Deposit / Down Payment:  Pet deposits are normally $250 for each small or medium size pet / $500 for each large size pet. Pet Deposit is not refundable.  However, Pet Deposit shall be credited toward down payment:  Most mobile home parks do not allow PIT BULLS, DOBERMANS OR ROTTWEILERS.

Mobile Home Parks: If home is located in a park, then you will have to pay lot rent payable to the park.  If a park does not approve you, then we can evaluate other options such as private land.

Getting Started: Please submit the FREE application.  Sometimes we have homes available for immediate occupancy, some on contingency and some homes we will need to purchase.  You can pay a submit a down payment or a partial down payment (and/or enroll in the Down Payment Savings Program to secure yourself into the program.  Note:  If you back out during the process then any deposit or down payment shall be forfeited by you.  The normal time frame for this program is 90 days (Time spans do vary as each tenant situation is different and housing availability varies from area-to-area).  Please be advised, we do charge a $500 processing fee which is part of your down payment and this fee is credited toward your down payment as well.  Once you pay a deposit, we will start searching for a home that matches your criteria (within reason).  Please don't expect to get a house in a few days.  Again, the process does take some time and time spans will vary. Once we find a home that matches your criteria, you must come up with the remainder of your down payment in order to take possession of the home (or have made arrangements with the investor to complete paying the remaining balance of your down payment.  You must show proof that you have the down payment.  We do not want to waste everyone's time and make the seller upset if you do not have the down payment.  If you don't have the down payment, then there is no point in either of us going to look at the home.  


Approval Process:

(1) Application: Please complete a Fast Online Application for Housing.

(2) Application Processing: Upon completion of a background check, you will be called or notified via e-mail of whether your Application has been approved (Most Applications are approved even with damaged credit and/or a criminal background history).

(3) Interview and Down Payment: If the Application is approved, we will need to schedule an interview.  This interview may be face-to-face, via phone or via Skype.  For the interview, we ask you provide (via personal delivery, via e-mail or mail) a copy of both your driver’s license and your paycheck stubs along with your down payment to get started.  ALL APPLICANTS MUST PROVIDE A DOWN PAYMENT OR ENROLL IN THE DOWN PAYMENT SAVINGS PROGRAM OR THE APPLICATION SHALL BE DECLINED.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If approved upon completing the interview, we will accept documentation and payment or your down payment or enrollment in the Down Payment Savings Program.   

(4) Home Viewings: When down payment is remitted to the investor OR you can show proof that you have the down payment OR have enrolled in the Down Payment Savings Program, then we will have you view homes we may already have in stock, homes we may be considering for purchase or we will search for homes (that meets your area, school district, type and size requirements).  We shall schedule 3 viewings.  If you wish to have more viewings, our investor will require an additional $500 down payment for each series of 3 showings due to the workload of setting up viewings is time consuming.

Important Housing Fact:  Your chances of approval and then actually moving into a home are best with Mobile Homes.  Don't let an old stigma keep you from making a good decision.  Over the years mobile homes have improved dramatically in terms of quality and construction.  Also, many of the parks (where we buy mobile homes) are some of the best in the state of Missouri and are very nice areas.  South County and St. Charles County in the Saint Louis Metro Area are probably our most popular and requested areas.   Additionally, we also have started to expand operations to other states.  Please inquire about your state.  We typically have enough cash reserves to keep a good inventory of mobile homes.

Drawbacks of Regular Real Estate Housing:  Remember, having damaged credit makes it extremely difficult to get approved for regular real estate housing.  Delays can occur in getting regular real estate housing due to needing cash investors from time-to-time.  We can secure residential real estate with non-bank financing or other financial agreements.

Move-In Time ("Possession"): This stipulation is negotiable with an Offer to Purchase Contract or Bill of Sale which is accepted by the seller.  You may move into a property according to possession terms as stipulated in the Purchase (or Lease) agreement.  Obtaining housing typically averages from 1 (one) week to 90 (ninety) days on average and depends upon whether the areas Applicant chooses has enough available housing in the area for purchase, lease or rent-to-own.  Any applicant who is inflexible with housing options (or areas) may face long delays which could prolong the search for weeks or even months.  We cannot and do not guarantee in any way (implied or express) that housing will be found within a particular time period.  All applicants are expected to keep their appointments.  Failure to keep an appointment shall result in automatic application decline.

Scheduled Appointments / Returning Messages: All Applicants must bring a copy of a photo ID, recent pay stub and a deposit or be prepared to enroll in the Down Payment Savings Program to get started.  All applicants must return messages either by phone, text or e-mail and show up for scheduled appointments.  Failure to return messages or show up for appointments or showings will result in an declined application.

Happy House Hunting!

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